The language of Flowers



Since antiquity, flowers have been associated to the feelings of Love.
At the time of King Solomon, the rose was already the symbol of Love and Romance.
Cleopatra used to cover the ground with rose petals before receiving Marc Anthony.

The tradition of offering flowers for Saint Valentine?s Day is as old as the 16th century. During a party organized for Saint Valentine?s Day by one of Henry IV?s daughters, each girl received a bunch of flowers from the young man who had chosen her for his Valentine.


The first Book about the "Language of Flowers"

According to an old Persian custom, the shape of a bunch of flowers was to indicate affection, attraction or even love.

But it was Lady Mary Wortley Montague, wife of the English ambassador of Constantinople, who first introduced the language of flowers in Europe, in 1718.

To her, flowers can express anything: civilities, friendship, passionate love, reproaches, break-up, etc.

Louise Cortambert, a Frenchwoman who used the pseudonym of Charlotte de la Tour, wrote the first book about the language of flowers in 1819.

The interest of the English people with botany and flowers reached its peak only during the Victorian times. Kate Greenaway, the famous illustrator of children?s books, wrote the first English guide about the secret code of flowers in 1884.

Nowadays anyone can compose his/her own message of Love with flowers, in the purest romantic tradition...

Thus a shy man who does not dare to declare his love will be able to reveal his secret feelings with a bouquet of violets. A tender-hearted lover will offer irises, and one for whom nothing else exists but his beloved, will offer daisies.

A lady friend who receives tulips will know it means a declaration of love, while gladioli represent an invitation to a rendezvous.


Compose your own romantic message !

The fervour of one?s love is evoked by the orchid, the ardour by the carnation, and the desire by the snapdragon. The one who is happy to love will give his beloved an azalea, the pure one a spray of lilies, and the sincere one peonies.

As far as marriage is concerned, the ivy symbolizes fidelity, whereas the lotus announces a birth.

However, the flower of maternity par excellence remains the lilac, flower of Hera, goddess of Women and Children.


Declaration of Love

One can also level reproaches with buttercups, express his doubts with sweet peas or break off gallantly with chamomile.

Offering flowers can reveal many things. So take care of interpreting properly their language.

Also, please note that each month and each day have a corresponding flower. For instance, February?s flower is the hollyhock and the crocus is the flower of February 14th.