The chocolate


The food of Venus

The aphrodisiac virtues of chocolate travelled down the ages as a pretty nice story. Even then, King Montezuma used to drink chocolate daily to fulfil his conjugal duties to his many wives. Some say that Casanova preferred chocolate to champagne. Madame de Pompadour regularly used to drink decilitres of amber chocolate to whip herself up, because Louis XV frequently criticized her for being ?cold?.
The countess of Barry urged her lovers to drink chocolate.
In 1624, a theologian even condemned the consumption of chocolate in convents.


chocolate is the partner of love

Nowadays, chocolate is regarded as a synonym of pleasure, sweetness, and delight... And it is no surprise that each of these words is also associated with Love!
For sure, chocolate will remain the partner of Love for a long time still...

Chocolate is a factor of well-being, great pleasure and appeasement.
It also stimulates neurons. Napoleon used to have some during battles. Soldiers who were to mount guard all night long were also given chocolate.
Chocolate is energizing and exhilarating, it has anti-stress virtues and helps overcoming affection deprivation, disappointments and depressive conditions.


the Castelain chocolate hearts

Since antiquity, the heart symbolizes Love. After all, doesn?t it beat wildly when one is in love?
For Saint Valentine?s Day, the enamoured ones like to offer heart-shaped chocolate gifts called ?Valentines?.

Do not hesitate to purchase Valentines for your beloved to celebrate Saint Valentine?s Day.