Festival program



The seven carts with vine shoots

Since the name Valentine is derived from the Latin word Valerius, i.e. give health and vigour, it is only natural that the wine growers of Lirac should have chosen Saint Valentine's Day to celebrate their festival of vine pruning.

On the Sunday morning of Saint Valentine's feast, seven carts loaded with vine shoots from the seven main vine varieties of the Lirac, Chusclan and Laudun appellations accompany the procession of Saint Valentine's relics in the streets of the ancient part of the village.


Vine pruning in the south of France

Each cart contains a major variety of wine:

- Black Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, and Cinsault for the red and rosé wines;

- Clairette, white Grenache, and Bourboulenc for the white wines.

A pruning demonstration also takes place with a view to better explain this act of fundamental importance.


to quality wine

Through this ancient act handed down generation to generation, and which is very often not given the importance it merits, the wine grower gives new life to his vine and prepares it as best as he can to produce an appreciable quantity of quality wine the following summer.