Saint Valentine


A Christian priest

Valentine was a Christian priest in the 3rd century Rome. He was a kind-hearted soul who liked the company of young couples, and would wisely advise them on their future.

The Emperor of the time was Claudius II who, having problems finding enough soldiers to fight his campaigns, outlawed marriage.


Saint Valentine, realizing the injustice, continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret.


From Your Valentine....

For this act of goodness he was thrown into prison. The jailer?s daughter, Julia, was blind and often visited Valentine in his cell. He described the world for her and told her about God.

One day, during one of her visits, the girl regained her sight. Convinced by the miracle, her family converted to Christianity. Claudius II, irritated by this new act of defiance, condemned Valentine to death. The day before his execution he wrote to Julia, signing his letter ?from your Valentine?.

He was decapitated on February 14th 268 AD. Saint Valentine officially became the patron Saint of lovers in 1496 thanks to Pope Alexander VI.