The Handles of Love



A Festival...

February 11th and 12th 2012 :

On this Saturday and Sunday of Lovers, our troubadours will unite to play love songs in the 12th Organ Barrel festival.



The organ barrel players ...

At crossroads, under arches or beside a fountain, the organ barrel players, with their well-known songs, communicate to the passers-by a desire to sing, dance and celebrate love.

In this way, lovers for a day or of all time can hum in chorus eternal love songs.

Again this year, the organ barrel players show their attachment to our town of Love by flocking into the city to demonstrate their passion and pride: the organ barrel.


Street Music

Historically, the organ barrel was first played in the streets, and it still is today. Its machinery, mostly made of wood, resists all inclemency encountered while travelling.

In the 19th century in London, Paris or elsewhere, they played fashionable songs: ballads, operas, dances and ballets. With time the instruments became more and more ornamental with marquetry and other decorations to attract customers.


Love Songs...

To relive the story of Roquemaure, this Festival have been celebrated for the past 12 years.

You can now reserve your Saint Valentine weekend for the Kiss, Friendship and Lovers Festival in Roquemaure