Roquemaure and Lovers Festival

For a century and a half, Roquemaure has been in love with Saint Valentine, patron saint of Lovers. 

On the Saturday and Sunday closest to February 14th, Roquemaure,  town in the south of France, near Avignon, Orange and Nimes, becomes the "City of Love Stories". 



Festivités Saint Valentin de Roquemaure - Lovers Festival of Roquemaure in France

Saint Valentine's day in France

Festivités Saint Valentin de Roquemaure

In south of France, for over a century, a genuine love story has united Roquemaure and Saint Valentine, the patron Saint of lovers.

These events have been celebrated for the past 28 years.

You can now reserve your Saint Valentine weekend for this  Lovers Festival in Roquemaure


The relics of Saint Valentine lay in south of France, in Roquemaure since 1868. 


The weekend nearest February 14th, the town recreates the arrival of Saint Valentine's relics and celebrates the love and romanticism this mythical Saint now symbolises

An Historical Reconstitution

Festivités Saint Valentin de Roquemaure

Roquemaure turns into the town of love legends, returning to its 19th century aspect with more than 500 traditionally costumed people, horses and carriages, store fronts decorated in 19th century fashion, an old post office selling souvenir postcards (valentine cards), a fountain of Lovers, a market with over 30 ancient trades, a bandstand and wooden merry-go-rounds. For the occasion, the streets are given the names of the most famous lovers in French literature.


To the sound of oboes, bagpipes, drums, and shepherd's pipes, folkloric dance groups animate the town, along with jugglers and acrobats.

This completely free romantic festival was created 37 years ago. It attracts more than 10,000 people every year to Roquemaure, making it one of the most crowded festivals in the Gard region, near Avignon and Orange.

To relive the story of Roquemaure, these events have been celebrated for the past 28 years. You can now reserve your Saint Valentine weekend for the Kiss, Friendship and Lovers Festival in Roquemaure.

Handles of Love

Festival des manivelles de l'Amour Roquemaure Gard France

Lovers can hum the prettiest love songs played by the barrel organs in the streets of the ancient town.

To relive the story of Roquemaure, this Festival have been celebrated for the past 18 years.

The relics are symbolically paraded on Sunday morning so that Saint Valentine blesses Roquemaure again.


 Roquemaure, is a town in the south of France,

near Avignon and Orange

It's a town of 5,600 inhabitants, situated on the right bank of the Rhone, near Tavel, Lirac and also Chateauneuf du Pape. 

One of the most beautiful legends tells how one day Bruno and Placidie, a pair of lovers, met a man named Valentine. According to the legend, he was carrying love with him.

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