The City of Kiss of Love

One of the most beautiful legends tells how one day Bruno and Placidie, a pair of lovers, met a man named Valentine. According to the legend, he was carrying love with him.

Bruno and Placidie

Valentine told them he had left Rome, a city ravaged by fear, hate and blood, and where love had no place. He was so tired that he stopped in Roquemaure to rest.


When they saw him so overwhelmed, the lovers invited him to their marriage the next day. Seeing them so happy made Valentine regain hope and he accepted to follow them. The fête was magnificent and lasted an entire day.


When evening came, Valentine asked that his bag be brought to him. Intrigued, all the young people of the village approached to see what was in the bag. Suddenly their eyes lit up and their hearts beat faster. Every one of them wanted to taste what was in the bag: Kisses of Love.


They each received a Kiss and Bruno was first to exchange his with Placidie.



Since this day, people come from afar to receive a heart-warming Kiss in Roquemaure: the town of the Kiss of Love.

Fête des Amoureux de Roquemaure dans le Gard